I am so done with waiting! :D

Hello again readers! 😀

I am so done with waiting. I just keep…waiting…

I have been waiting. For so long. It is easy to quickly find someone to blame this on. Rightly so.

Some people have emotions that run deep – like really bloody deep. I’m one of those people that just feels everything, every emotion, extremely intensely. I used to put up a sort of mental barrier, to protect myself from that intensity. So that I could just… Get on with my life, no strings attached.

Then one day, I had what I thought would be the ultimate realisation of my life. “I have to embrace these feelings”, I thought to myself. “It will be painful, it will be beautiful, and I must do it.” So, I submitted myself to the chaotic whirlwind of emotions that this life causes me to feel.

I never knew that it would lead me here. Now what do I have? I have been left swept to the side over and over and over and over again. I just… Can’t let myself go through this anymore. I care about myself enough now to step up to the plate and do what I need to do to take care of myself.

I. Will. Not. Wait. For. You. Anymore…

I. Will. Not. Wait. For. ANY. OF. YOU. ANYMORE.

I just can’t keep putting my life on hold. Not for this.

So, here’s a big middle finger for the shit I’ve been put through.

And here’s a big smile for the bloody fantastic future I’m now handing to myself! 😀



Hello peeps! 🙂

Right, so for the past few months I have pretty much been binge watching episodes on Netflix.

First, I binge watched ‘Orange is the New Black’. This is a series I actually really, really enjoyed. It is dirty, it’s raw… It feels real and honest – and is hilarious! I just absolutely loved it, and would absolutely re-watch it if it wasn’t for the fact that I have a never-ending list of series that I want to get through.

Some of the characters really got under my skin at times. I actually cannot stand the main character Piper. It’s weird though… I think that fact somehow makes me like the show even more… She is the character that I love to hate. I also detest Alex. I don’t know what it is about her. And the whole Polly and Larry thing… Ugh. The whole show is one massive train-wreck, and I love it to bits haha.

After devouring OITNB, I hastily moved on to my next binge – ‘Pretty Little Liars’. Now, what can I say about this show… I just watched the season finale today (the last episode to be aired until 2016…), and I just do not know what to think. Honestly, I just have no idea what I even think about this show. It is very slow paced, extremely so in fact. It is also quite girly… Possibly a bit too girly for my taste. Until 2016, there are six seasons to this show. It’s just very long-winded, and the main characters are so… Teenagery? I really enjoyed the more grownup parts of the series though. I adored Ezra and Aria’s relationship for example, and also quite enjoyed some of the more scarier episodes – like the halloween specials and when ‘A’ kidnapped the main characters. Mostly Ezra and Aria’s relationship… The dynamic of it really appealed to me! If there had been more on their relationship in the show, I’d definitely like it a lot more.

I love Ezria so much. I want them to stay together forever.

… *sheds a tear*

Okay, so overall I’d rate OITNB a big 4/5 stars!

I’d rate PLL a slightly lower 3/5 stars (and those 3 stars really just come from the Ezria coupling.) If I had to rate the show on the Ezria coupling alone, I’d rate it a 4.5/5 stars without hesitation. If they were still together it would be a 5/5 stars ;).

Okay so I think that is quite enough rambling from me about Netflix, so here’s a question for you PLL watchers.

What did you think of the finale?

If you have anything to say or ask about the two shows, please leave a comment! 🙂

-Stormy x