How to live a long life.

Hello readers 🙂

I know I haven’t been blogging regularly at all, sorry about that! I felt a need to write one today though on this subject because… Well, it just seemed important to share.

Yesterday evening, after watching the scene in the series ‘Twin Peaks’ where Laura Palmer’s funeral is taking place, I suddenly became overwhelmed with the feeling of dread. It was a sudden reminder of my own mortality – of how quickly my life seems to pass me by. I know that the mind can be very powerful, and wondered just how powerful it could be. Is there a way to control the brain’s perception of how long one’s life has been?

Amazingly, the answer to this question is yes. Yes – you have the power to control how long your life is, or at least how long you perceive it to be. Isn’t that all that’s important though? For if one perceives something to be true, to that individual it is indeed true. And what is more valuable in life than life itself?

The brain doesn’t remember mundane, repetitive, unexciting periods of time very well – so we perceive those periods in our life as being pretty much blank. The reason for this is that there is no new information for the brain to process. During routine, humans are on auto-pilot and do not automatically take in the slight changes in detail of their environment. The brain takes longer to process information obtained from a new environment, and processing new information requires more focus. We tend to remember moments in our life where during the moment, we spent time focusing on the moment itself… If that makes any sense? The brain remembers new environments as landmarks in one’s life, and it is these landmarks that we generally remember when we look back on our life. The more landmarks, the longer a life seems to be.

Simply put, the more a person focuses on their surroundings, the more memories their brain will retain and the longer their life will seem when looking back on it. The easiest way to accomplish this is by putting yourself out there and experiencing new activities, new sights etc. It would probably also help to jot down these new experiences into a diary of some sort, so that you can flick through it and remember what a long life you’ve really had :).

So, how do you live a long life? Change. From little changes – like changing up the lipstick colour you usually wear and trying something different, to big changes – like spontaneously getting some old friends together to go to a theme park next weekend!

Make the most of your life, you only get one shot at it! Lead a life that will be impossible to forget, pack as many new experiences in it as possible and you’ll be sure to never look back and wonder where all the years have gone :).

Plus, I think that when a person experiences new things, they are leaving an imprint of themselves behind (the people they speak to, the people that see them, the physical footprints they leave…) and as Alison from ‘Pretty Little Liars’ would say,

“That’s immortality my darlings.”

– Stormy


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