Personality types.

Hello again everyone! 🙂

A couple of years ago I decided to take a personality test for fun (as you do), and received from it one of the 16 ‘Myers-Briggs’ personality types. I thought little of it at the time, just as I had with any other quiz I had taken out of boredom that day, and continued on with my merry life.

I recently became reacquainted with the Myers-Briggs’ 16 personality classifications. Upon a relative asking the following question:
“So, which personality type are you then!?”,
my response was something along the lines of:
I suddenly felt the NEED to know which of the 16 personality types I was, and so the search began. I searched the web for personality tests and took the first that was based on the Myers-Briggs personality model. This was on the website: From this test, my results confidently told me that my personality type was the ISFJ, and that my type was known as the ‘Defender’! The thing is, I have the mind of a scientist and so I know not to blindly believe the results from a single test – it could easily be flawed and be giving me inaccurate results. So, I then went on and took a second test and lo and behold, my results this time was for the INFJ. This was on the website: With two varying results, I felt the need to take yet another test. The final test told me that I was somewhere between the INTJ and the INFJ personality types. I decided that heck, INFJ has come out twice, let’s read the different functions to check that it fits best.

The problem with these personality tests is that everyone is so complex and unique, that it is difficult to categorise everyone into one of 16 personality types.

After reading the different functions, I became confident that I do fit best into the INFJ personality type. Although I do like people, I love time to myself and would definitely say that I spend most of my time within my own thoughts – I am confident that I am an introvert.

Although I do like to rely on my senses somewhat, I definitely have a vivid imagination, and prefer to look at the wider picture of possibilities rather than the concrete facts. I am confident that I rely on intuition more than sensing.

Although I like the idea of being fair and being objective, I do feel it is more important to keep a person’s feelings in mind, and that an individuals happiness is ultimately what is most important. If I notice an argument brewing nearby, I will never take sides but will try to create peace in a fair way so that everyone can leave feeling happy. I am confident that I act more on my feelings than my thoughts.

Finally, some aspects of not being judging does appeal to me, but overall I definitely prefer to feel confident with  concrete plans and that everything is set in stone. I am definitely a judger rather than a perceiver.

So, I am the INFJ. Apparently, this is the least common personality type. I am not quite sure why that is, but knowing that definitely makes some sense to me – I have always felt like quite the oddball and have a lot of difficulty making close friends. Most people I meet just seems so… different to me on a fundamental level. I do embrace differences and love variation in general, but I find it difficult to be close to someone who is very different from myself.

Anyways, that’s enough of my rambling. I just find it interesting to discover that there is a classification for the way that I think and behave, and how it is different/similar to the way that others think and behave.

I’d be interested to see what personality type you are so feel free to leave a comment about it below 🙂 It would be especially interesting if a fellow INFJ would leave a comment!

If you would like to take the personality test, I would suggest the second test I took as it seemed the most reliable with it’s results: (it is called the ‘Jung Typology Test’ on this website.)



2 thoughts on “Personality types.

  1. I am also confident that INFJ fits me best 🙂 (I used the same two tests you did in the same order, the first said INFP and the second INFJ). Also agree that making close friends can be difficult, but thankful to have found a few amazing people who I’ve just clicked with, despite our differences 🙂


  2. Hello,

    Fantastic, another INFJ! 😀 It’s great that you’ve managed to click with a few people. My boyfriend is INFP, and we do get on very well with only a few disagreements here and there, so at least I have him 🙂

    – Storm


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