My first blog post!


My name is Storm, welcome to my blog. 🙂

This blog will be like a little window into my universe.

Some of the things I will post about are:

– astronomy and astrobiology

– dance, music and art

– beauty and fashion

– health

– life in general!

I’ve made this blog to be used as a place to express myself and as a place for people with common interests with me to hopefully find some interesting reads.

– Storm


2 thoughts on “My first blog post!

  1. Your taking astrobiology?
    What does that involve?

    Astronomy is awesome xD!
    Kinda curious about that subject fer sure!
    To be honest I’m interested in all the subjects actually.

    Keep it going!


    • Hello!

      Nope I do not study Astrobiology, I am currently on a Physics and Astronomy degree course at the University of Sussex! 🙂 I hope to one day end up working in the field of Astrobiology though.

      In brief, Astrobiology is the search for life outside of our planet. I will be writing a blog post about the subject in detail at a later time. 🙂

      Thank you for your comment! ^-^

      – Storm


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